Documentary Family Photography in Chicago

October 17, 2022

documentary family photos in Evanston

Actress and mother Keisha Champagne was referred to Bubble+Spark from Lincoln Square Mama Kelly Brown who are both in a Chicago Twins group on Facebook. For their ten year anniversary, Keisha and her husband wanted to look into a photographer that could capture unscripted moments. She looked around for documentary family photography in Chicago that showcased the energy and connection between the family, the children and them as a couple. She let us know that she was open to taking photos in her home and around their town of Evanston. Some of the things they enjoy as a family include reading books, playing games, cooking, watching movies and having dance parties. We will let Keisha tell you a more about her session so you can hear from a client perspective.

Please tell us a little bit about your family.

We just really love being with each other. We like spontaneous dance parties, kids love to bake with us, wrestle or play soccer with Dad, and we play board games.

documentary family photos in Evanston
documentary family photos at the beach
documentary family photos at the beach
documentary family photo session
documentary family photos at the beach

How did you decide that this was the right time to hire a professional photographer?

It was are 10 year anniversary and thought having a photographer document how we exist right now would be a better gift than anything else. It’s like a time capsule!

Where was your session held and why?

In our home, at lighthouse beach and at our favorite park. All places we love spending time as a family.

remember how life felt in the moment it was captured.

What was your favorite part of the session?

It was a rainy day which had a very worried. But the rain stopped about 10 minutes into our session and we got to go to the beach and it was amazing. We has the entire beach to ourselves!

How did you plan your family’s clothing?

Heather provided a really good guide and then I got on Pinterest. Then I went shopping.

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Were you nervous or worried about anything before hiring a photographer? How did you feel afterward?

I was anxious not nervous. I was hoping the imagines would live up to the ones in my head …they did

Of all the photos we took, which is your #1 favorite and why?

I have so many great photos. I think the one of us just candidly walking down the street with the dog and my son is making a face and my daughters chatting and we’re just walking is my favorite. Because it captures who they are and who we are as a family really well it’s not stage is probably not the best photo of the group but that is my favorite because it is so just US!

What advice do you have for families?

Just relax and have fun!

How have you used the images from your session, or what are you planning to do with them?

We are planning to use the pictures throughout our house nnd also to make a really cool photo album that we can look back on whenever we’re feeling nostalgic. Oh and I’m way ahead of the game this year because I now have our Christmas photo!

Why did you choose Bubble+Spark Chicago Family Photographers for your documentary family photography?

I actually found you through one of my mommy groups. Another twin mom highly highly recommended you.