Chicago Family Photographer Review

September 27, 2021

fall mini sessions for your family photos in Chicago

Autumn is in full swing. We know many of you are looking for a family photographer for your fall mini session or annual holiday card photo. One of our newest families decided to contact a family photographer earlier this month to schedule a family photo session. Julia and Robert had a second baby a few months ago and were interested in a mini session to get some beautiful family photography. Below, Julia Dryden of Chicago gives you her Chicago family photographer review!

fall mini sessions for your family photos in Chicago

Please tell us a little bit about your family.

Robert and I met nine years ago at a concert in Chicago. We got married five years ago in northern Michigan as I’m originally from Traverse City. We have two little girls who keep us very busy. Ava is two years old and Stella is three months. After living in Wrigleyville and River North, we now live in Ravenswood Manor about a mile from where Robert grew up and in the same neighborhood as the rest of his family.

How did you plan your family’s clothing?

I had cute matching rompers for the girls which had a floral print, so I chose solid pieces in the same colors for our outfits. Of course I waited until the last minute and just chose things we already had in our closet, but it worked!

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What was your favorite part of the session?

We had amazing lighting at the end of the day, and it was so quick! Only 20 minutes and we were headed home for dinner.

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Was there anything you were nervous or worried about before committing to a professional photo session? How did you feel afterward?

I was worried our 2 year old wouldn’t cooperate (she didn’t) and that we wouldn’t have any good pictures, and then I ended up purchasing the entire package because I couldn’t choose favorites!

Of all the photos we took, which is your #1 favorite and why?

This one of Ava walking – her smile is just so pure!

best photo from the fall mini session as reviewed by real parents

Do you have any advice to other families before their family photo session?

I brought my 2-year-old’s lovey as a prop to make her smile, but as soon as she saw it she just wanted to hold it, so in half the pictures she’s either holding it or I’m trying to hide it behind my back. Next time I would maybe bring a stuffed animal or a toy that’s either new or that she’s not as attached to.

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How have you used the photos from your session, or what are you planning to do with them? How have your family and friends reacted to your family photos?

I’ve already posted some on social media and I can’t wait to print some to hang in the house. Everyone LOVES them!

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chicago family photographers reviews

And there you have it – a Chicago family photographer review from Julia. We know hearing from real families is important. More photos from Bubble+Spark Family Photographers can be seen here. Here are another 12 tips to help you choose what to wear in your fall family photo session.