Best Chicago Family Photographers at the Wrigley Building

August 14, 2020

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We’re so excited to feature Margaret’s family on our Chicago family photographers blog today that we photographed at the Wrigley Building! While we have a lot of repeat clients, sometimes we get to be the very first to professionally photograph a family. If you are looking for the best Chicago family photographers for the Wrigley Building, you’re in the right place!

We’ll let Margaret tell you more about their family photography session – scroll down to read a little interview with her!

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Please tell us a little bit about your family.

My husband is Korean and grew up in Chicago. I am Chineses and grew up all over the States. Our daughter is 4 and our son is almost 2. Their names are Summer and Winter and they are Koren-Chinese-American.

How did you plan your family’s clothing?

We went with light neutrals and just whatever we had in our closets. Our daughter and sons outfits were actually hand me downs from friends!

Chinese family photographer Chicago

What was your favorite part of the session?

Being together as a family and taking photos in Chicago was just so fun and new for us. We never set aside the time for a photo sessions and especially going downtown was really new for the kids. Actually my favorite part was that there was a musician next to us that started singing right when the session started, so it was great background music to pose to!

Was there anything you were nervous or worried about before committing to a professional photo session? How did you feel afterward?

Of course you worry about the state of your children beforehand and if they’ll just cry the whole time, but the photographer made it super calm and we started the session right away and the kids loved posing in front of the camera! We were so happy after the shoot because the kids had such a fun time.

Of all the photos we took, which was your #1 favorite and why?

Honestly I love the one where my daughter is holding my son and she’s laughing and he’s crying. It’s real life.

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Do you have any advice for other families before their photo session?

Just relax and be natural! Make sure your kids had a good full meal, and just have fun with it! Don’t worry about the poses, the photographer will catch the best of your family!

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How have you used the images from your family photo session, or what are you planning to do with them? How have your family/friends reacted to the images?

Our family loves them and we plan on sharing them with friends and family. Thank you guys so much for providing images that we will always have with us. Again it’s a rare occasion for us and we appreciate it so much!

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Mother and Father at Wrigley Building gold doors family photography
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Artistic portrait of a mother and father in Chicago
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A note from the best Chicago family photographers at the Wrigley Building:

This lively family was so fun to work with! They brought along Margaret’s sister to look after the children for some of the session and we were able to do a few nice photos of mom and dad. This was a real treat for them since they had never been professional photographed as a couple. They were given some posing guidance but we also mixed in some break time for each kiddo so that it didn’t feel like work for them.