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Hi, we're Bubble+Spark!

A photography experience like no other.

We're a small team of lively family photographers based in the Lincoln Square neighborhood of Chicago. Beginning in 2015 in Boston photographing families, we have creating vibrant, joyful imagery for modern families like yours! We help our clients press pause on the endless BUSY and make moments that matter. We look forward Building lifelong relationships with our clients as their families grow and change.

Please pull up a chair, grab a lemonade, and take a peek around! We are thrilled you’re here!

What we do:

Chicago family lifestyle photo sessions

Family Sessions

Every family has a colorful story. We’d love to tell yours.

Chicago newborn photo lifestyle sessions

Newborn Sessions

You want to document your tiny little miracle in photographs. Even during this sometimes chaotic new beginning, we make it happen.

maternity session photographers Chicago

Maternity Sessions

We find flattering angles and make your experience feel easy, relaxed and special, yielding images you will treasure for a lifetime.

In a hurry?

What's the difference between a petite/mini session and a documentary session?

A documentary session allows for time to allow natural moments to unfold and be preserved by the photographer. Snuggles, giggles, true connection. A petite session offers just enough time for a family portrait.

What's the best type of session for unpredictable kids?

A petite session is ideal for a quick portrait of your child(ren) and family. Sometimes young kids and babies just can't get it together in a quick 15-20 minute photo session. If you feel that you would benefit from having more time to allow your child to warm up, pause for a breather or snack, or have more variations with siblings, individual parents, and so on, a documentary session would be a better fit.

How does pricing work?

Petite sessions for 6 months and up begin at $350 and documentary sessions begin at $500. If you would like a 90 minute in-home newborns & infants session pricing starts at $600.

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Petite sessions begin at $350, documentary sessions $500 and newborn sessions $600.

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